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Cross Tab turns - into _


I used Find Replace to convert Tile Tool Tile_Num 1 to 13 into -1 to -13.  I then used the Cross Tab to put the data into columns.  However, the Cross Tab tool takes the '-1' and makes it '_1'.

I need to convert the _1, _2 back into -1 and -2.


In the process of writing this question, I answered it, so I thought I'd continue and share.

I used the Dynamic Rename tool to remove the prefix '_' and then used another one to add the prefix '-'.


So I guess I'll leave off with: Why does the Cross Tab tool convert the '-' into '_'?



The CrossTab tool has what I call field name protection in it.


It won't allow characters that databases and other systems won't like. Like - or & or even spaces as some systems don't like that.


Afraid that's my interpretation though, so not sure on an official line (all be it I now work for Alteryx, but was a customer of 8 years prior)



Hi @Number4 


I agree that it's a pain, but Alteryx does so many other things really well. 


As an aside, you should be able to get by with just one Dynamic Rename with the following formula





Replace([Current Field],"_","-") 

This was my first approach, but the cross tab gives me 13 columns....currently