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Cross Tab One Field



I am attempting to use the cross tab node on one field, but the header and data cannot be the same error appears.  


Is there anyway to get a result that looks like






And cross tab it into fields without adding another field in the cross tab node, so the output looks like.


Value1   Value2   Value3



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

One approach: you could try to add a formula with a constant value (e.g. field name = "unused" value is a constant "1")... then use that as the Grouping Field and the Header Filed in the crosstab... that will get you a comma separated list of your values; then use the "Text to Columns" tool to split these into columns.


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I believe there are sevel approaches to do so but obviously not only with one "cross tab" tool.

I added a recordID at the beginning and then used dynamic rename at the end to make it the only row (that's the field name)

if you want it to be a row of entry then you need to give it a field name (i.e. the recordID)

I attached a sample for your reference. Hope it helps. :)