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Cross - Referencing Two Workflows

So I have two Databases (DB) and I want to combine them into one whole data set. The problem is there may be duplicate entries between them. I want to suppress or remove any Duplicates in DB1 if the value exists in db2 while keeping all the values in DB2.


So say db1 has


Mickey Mouse/01

Mickey Mouse/02

Minnie Mouse/01

Donald Duck/01


db2 has


Mickey Mouse/01

Mickey Mouse/01

Mickey Mouse/02



When I merge them my date set should be:


Mickey Mouse/01 from (db2) I want all values from db2

Mickey Mouse/01 from (db2) I want all values from db2

Mickey Mouse/02 from (db2)  Remove the duplicate from db1

Minnie Mouse/01 from (db1) No duplicate in db2

Donald Duck/01 from (db1) No duplicate in db2

Goofy/01 from (db2) No duplicate in db1



Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hello @Ave_Maria ,


You can use a join tool and after a union. Join by the common parameter (DB1-> LEFT; DB2->RIGHT) that both files have, then use the right output and union it with the DB2 input database.


That way you will have all the files that are unique from DB1 and all the data from DB2.





thank you SO MUCH! worked like a charm. Cheers!