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Creating an AVG for a Tableau benchmark comparision


Hi guys, I'm a new but very impressed Alteryx user. I work with education data and one of the core questions we get from schools is "my 5th graders' average score was a 3.5, is that good?"


The answer is almost always relative and based on a comparison of a given school's (or student's) scores to the average of all other schools or students (eg. same grade, school, district, student type, etc).


Tableau isn't great at creating a benchmark from an average as the basis of comparison, so I am hoping I can create the benchmark average in the data by using Alteryx.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to accomplish this in a straight-forward way with Alteryx?


Basically, how do I create a new column that contains the average of a particular measure and level of aggregation?


Thanks in advance!!!!



Alteryx Partner

Hi Chris. The Formula Tool will let you create a new field for your data that can compute an average, as well as many other calculations. Was that what you were looking for?




Thanks, GC, but it's still not totally clear. Let me share a few more details of my use case:


I have survey data, the survey is 39 questions that are in 7 different groupings. 


I also have a common education hierarchy: all, school district, school, grade, student.


What I need is the average at every intersection in order to display a "benchmark" against which any level of the school hierarchy can be compared against an benchmark.


For example, if I show a given school's 5th grade average for one of the questions or question groupings, and the score is a 3.5, I need a benchmark average to be able to show that the average score across all 5th graders in the district, or across all 5th graders is X (say, 3.1). 


Does that make sense? Thanks!!





Alteryx Partner

OK I see. Would it be possible for you to send a small data sample to look at? That would be most helpful at this point.