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Creating a workflow that loops ?


I'm sorry in advance if this sounds too complicated - it's possible this isn't even an option in Alteryx, but after seeing how powerful it can be, I figured it is worth a shot.


I have a Workflow that I am building out which basically pulls data from one Excel Workbook, formats the data, creates a couple new fields, then pastes them into a different Excel Workbook Template, with a new name. 


As an example:


Workbook #1 has a tab called "Pack Slip 1" which contains things like Customer name, quantity, amount ,etc.


The workflow takes that information and puts it into an invoice workbook template, but saves it as a new copy (so it doesn't overwrite the template) with the customer name and date in the File Name.


NOW - I got this all put together, but the problem is that Workbook #1 has over 100 "Pack Slip" tabs, all for different customers, all which need their own Invoice. So my dream would be for it to cycle this process through until it doesn't find any more pack slip tabs in the workbook.


Is this even possible or is it just a pipe dream? Thanks in advance!


Current Workflow is attached, if that helps at all.


You could do this with a batch macro that reads in your input files as control parameters. Take a look at this video on how to build your first macro that walks you through the steps:


The macro setup would look something like this in order to dynamically read in those file names to your process


example macro.png