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Creating a table out of list box input


I am trying to develop an app, and I am struggling to get list box input working the way I would like. 


My desired result is to have the app interface show you a list of US states with checkboxes, and ask whether or not you are currently filing a tax return in that state.


I would like to capture the list box input as a data table with two columns, State and Filing_Status.  If checked, Filing_Status would be True, else it would be False.  This data table would be subsequently joined with other data and ran through formula logic. 


Can someone please provide me a basic example of using list boxes to create a data table that shows names and values?


Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Here is how I would approach the problem.


I would use the list box in 'Generate Custom List' mode, creating me a comma separated list.


I would then overwrite a placeholder value in a single cell text input. I can then parse the output to rows. This will give me a list of states only selected. I can then join this list against a full list of states. Those in the J stream will be those I have filed a tax return, and we can generate a flag field as such, those in the right side would be those we have not, and again, I can generate a flag as such.




Example app attached.




Thank you Ben!  I will have to tinker with how to implement it into my current app, but this helps tremendously.