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Creating a new column based on the selection in List Box Interface


Hello Everyone,

I am new to Alteryx. Thanks to everyone on the alteryx community for so many helpful posts for folks like myself. 


I have been stuck on the following and hoping someone can help.


I need to group to create a column to group the data.Capture.PNG The grouping key will be inputted by a user and will be a combination of available columns in the source file.


Using the list box I am able to take the input but I am not able to write a dynamic formula to concatenate the columns user selected. if the columns were fixed I could have used the formula tool but this isn't the case.


I tried to transpose the data and create the concatenate key using summarize but with that I only get the column labels and not the actual data.





after lot of trial and error i was able to solve this. Thanks


How did you solve this in the end?