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Creating a field

Alteryx Partner

If you use the formula tool choosing to create a new field, you'll write a new column.

if you use the formula tool selecting an existing field, you'll overwrite the result of your formula over the selected field.


The Generate rows is used to create X rows with a logic/loop. For example [Start date]=01/01/2016 - [End date]=31-12-2016


You can create X rows on the logic [Start date]+1day as long as the date is <= [End date] and you get a calendar with 365 days7records, from 1st Jan to 31th dec 2016.


In your case a simple IF statement in a formula tool is enough, if you have a field in your table that can be tested.


What just happened to the predictive tools in 10.6?  I just created my workflow and used the regression analysis.  Then somehting happened and it shut down and then when I reopened, the predictive tool was gone in 10.6.  It's not in the Add/Remove tool palette either. 




Thank you all.  It all worked out.