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Creating a Survey data with an Alteryx App

Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm currently in the process to evaluate the best tool for creating a Survey that needs to be updated with a different question on a regular basis. It can be multiple choice or sometimes type a question


I was wondering if I could create an Alteryx application that can prompt you with the different questions that I can publish to the server and then other people can run it in the gallery so they can be prompt with the different questions and then store that in an excel file.


I know that the storing the data is not a problem, I wonder how hard would it be to use the "Interface" tools to create the questions with multiple choice. I wonder if I can add questions to a file and multiple answers and then link that to the interface.


Anybody with some experience on doing this with Alteryx or something similar?






@Dalarcon - what do you imagine the survey would look like? The tricky part would be presenting the questions in the app interface, but may be able to be achieved with a chained app. An example would be great

Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

It would be possible to use radio buttons nested into group boxes with the question in it.  These would update a formula tool depending on which radio button was selected.  This would be extremely time consuming to do it for more than a very few questions.  There are a number of online solutions that will export a .csv or .xlsx that are much more nimble.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Certified Partner

I like this, do you know a good example in the gallery that I can use?