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Creating Rows Based on Dynamically Parsed Field


I have a template we use to determine how to filter HR data.  The business wants to be able to dynamically exclude certain companies based on a value called MRC. 


Please find attached the template we are using.  Column J is the one I would like to parse out and then based on how many new fields get created, a new row would be created that includes all of the other data on the same row but would include one of the MRC values. So if there are 3 values in column J 3 new rows would be created with all of the other info.  if there are 2 - two new rows.. etc. 


I assume this is possible with some type of dynamic formula tool or another method? 


I suggest trying text to columns in combination with the transpose tool to change the parsed columns to rows and then joining it back to your data set on job function.