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Creating Row with 0 rather than no data for row when summarized


I'm trying to create a metrics scorecard combining several data sources to give one overall health score. The issue I'm having is that for several metrics there can be days in which the instance doesn't occur. When this happens I would like my output to show 0 vs an empty row with no data.


I've provided a sample of one of the data sources that I'm working through. In this example I have a [Metric Description] named 'Customers Exceeding Max Overage Charge' by which there is no data matching the criteria and when summarized it is not in my output.


Does anyone know how to show 'Customers Exceeding Max Overage Charge' when summarized as a 0 value?


Thanks in advance




You could insert a select tool after you have made your Metrics Description field and only select it then unique it so you have a list of your metric descriptions. Then add a field that is all zeros. Once you have a list of all metrics and 0's you can rejoin that back to your data only keeping those from the zeros list that did not join and the join. This would make it so you have all your metrics descriptions in your output. I would have done this with your data, but you did not package the workbook so I could not access the csv.


This may not be an ideal solution, but I think it will get you where you want to be.






Thanks for the response. 


I'm a bit confused by your response. I've reattached a packaged workbook, can you show me what you're talking about?


Thanks a bunch!




Okay turns out you didn't have a full list of the descriptions in the Data so I just made a text input, should work the same. Workflow attached.