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Creating Bucket

5 - Atom

Step 1: Filter data on the basis of Under follow, New, Contracted, delivered, Invoiced for the last one year

Step 2: For delivered, contracted and Invoiced calculate the buckets and no of enquiry to contract for those buckets
Step 4: Calculate Conversion_Per the no of contacts/ no of Ids for a particular dealer and a particular TAT

Can someone help me out with the buckets problem. I am new to alteryx. I am attaching the screenshots of my data.. Cannot Upload it as it is too big.
How can I possibly relate with the TAT Problem...


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

The "Tile" tool in the Preparation toolbox can be used to create 'buckets' of data in a variety of ways (e.g. Equal Records, Equal Sum). You may have to either group your records in the Tile tool or use the Filter tool to create sets of data that then go into the Tile operation.