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Creating API

I see that there are a lot of posts about calling preexisting APIs but is it possible to create an API using Alteryx? 


If it is then how would someone create an API to display information from a preexisting database? 


Alteryx Server has an API - you can call it to run workflows.  If you want to use Alteryx as an API to display data from a database, then you would build a workflow or analytic app, publish it to Alteryx Server, and then you could use the API to run it.  Check your Alteryx Server for API documentation.

How would I display the information in the API? 


There are many different options for how the data would be returned on your call. The simplest is to write it out to a message tool in the alteryx Workflow and your webpage/app/program/script that calls the API grabs the data from the results of that tool.


Other ways (and probably more proper/elegant ways), involve writing the data to a fileserver and picking up the file from there.