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Create varying number of rows using multirow

7 - Meteor

Is there a way to conditionally create a row of data, only populating some of the fields on output?  My input file has an 'orgid' field which is the key field -  the output file needs to have 3 rows for each unique orgid.  example - 

orgid 123 has 3 rows on input, no changes needed and all 3 rows are written out with no changes. 

orgid 456 has only 1 row, 2 new rows need to be generated, carrying the orgid only, as i don't want the data duplicated from one row to the next.  The recordID can be retained for output on records 2 and 3 

orgid 789 has only 2 rows, 1 new row needs to be created.  

orgid 999 has 3 rows - all 3 records written out as with no changes.  


i've tried to work with 'generate rows' and 'multi-row formula' tools with no success.  


attached are sample input and output files.  


18 - Pollux

Hi @nwhite 


Here is a workflow for the task.

Output: (As expected output)





Hope this helps 🙂 Feel to ask if you have any questions

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Hi @nwhite 


Please check out the below. Hope it helps. Cheers!



7 - Meteor

WOW!  thank you so much for the speedy reply, took me longer to type up the message than for you to create a solution - that's fantastic! 

7 - Meteor

Thanks so much!  another great solution! This community is so helpful, very much appreciate your assistance!