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Create table with multiple attributes from columns and rows


Hi all,


This is the input I have:


[Null]Blue BookBlue BookRed BookRed Book
[Null]Account AAccount BAccount AAccount B
Store 1$200$300
Store 2$100$400
Store 30000
Store 40000


And I'm hoping to achieve something like this using the leftmost column and the top two rows in the table. Because there is a lot of other info in this file, the headers are the generic F1, F2, etc. 


Store 1Account ABlue Book$20
Store 1Account ARed Book$30
Store 1Account BBlue Book0
Store 1Account BRed Book0
Store 2Account ABlue Book$10
Store 2Account ARed Book$40
Store 2Account BBlue Book0
Store 2Account BRed Book0


I have been able to make a "mapping" using the append tool that contains the correct combinations of Stores, Accounts, and Books, but I need to find some way to fill in the numbers. Any help would be appreciated!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @phamilton006 


See workflow attached and let me know if this works for you.



That worked! Thanks!