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Create multiple new columns from one column

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi All


I have a column : 2018-01-01


Retailer Name2018-01-01
Retailer 110
Retailer 211
Retailer 312
Retailer 413
Retailer 514
Retailer 615
Retailer 716
Retailer 817
Retailer 918
Retailer 1019


Now I am trying to create muliple columns based on the values * by 2


Retailer Name2018-01-012018-01-022018-01-032018-01-042018-01-052018-01-062018-01-072018-01-08
Retailer 1102040801603206401280
Retailer 2112244881763527041408
Retailer 3122448961923847681536
Retailer 41326521042084168321664
Retailer 51428561122244488961792
Retailer 61530601202404809601920
Retailer 716326412825651210242048
Retailer 817346813627254410882176
Retailer 918367214428857611522304
Retailer 1019387615230460812162432


Please guide.


Thanks in Advance.


Here is the sample workflow for your case. Hope this is helpful. 



Alteryx Partner

Dear @farhana_91,


Did you think about transposing the data and generating rows?

I added an example where you are able to determine your personal MaxDate.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks Yalmar!

My data was much suited for the other workflow. However,this was a good solution as well.