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Create considated document from overlapping data sources


Hi, I'm new to Altery and need some help setting up my data preparation.

I have a central excel document listing certain business data on line item level. I take this dokument as central storage towards Analysis with Excel and/or Tableau.

Every month I get some updated data of single entities. This data somewhat overlaps with already existing data. Therefore, I have to make sure that I only load new line-items to the central document. From my understanding, these are the steps that I need to perform from a conceptual POV:

1. Create primary keys in my documents as composite of certain fields like date, time and posting item

2. Only load new primary key data to the existing document.

Can someone please give me some info how to setup such a scenario in Alteryx? (and also automate as much as possible)

Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner


From what I understood, a good approach should be to have your "fact" data into a yxdb, adding a [loaded_date] field to keep track of changes.

Then, what you can do is evaluate against the updated excel file to look for changes into the existing data and append/update it into your yxdb.


If you can elaborate a little more the use case, we can get to a final optimal solution.




@ms809 Here is what I did:


I would bring in both files, your central file and your update file, and then use a join tool to determine what records are new. A join tool can join on multiple fields, so I don't think you NEED a primary key. After the join, I would use a union tool to grab the appropriate records. For my sample  I wanted to take any unmatched fields (from either file) and then all the joined records stayed from the central file. I added a block until done before my output to make sure I wasn't trying to write out before it was done reading the input.


You can create a primary key as a Vstring field using a formula tool like this: [Field1]+[Field2]+etc...


I think this will point you in the right direction to set it up, but do reply if you hit any issues. I agree with @aguisande that more elaboration would allow us to provide more specific help.