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Create an "arc" polygon from trade area

So I have a project coming up that will give me lat and long for a variety of points (think cell towers). Each point will be able to service homes only in certain directions. I am curious if there's an easy way to create an Arc / Wedge from a Trade area polygon.


In the attached image, I have a point, easy enough to create. A trade area around the point, which gives me a polygon. Is there an easy way to pull the wedge out? I have a way to do it, but it's not quite what I would like. 


My path now


1. Create trade area from point

2. Convert trade area poly to points. This takes one address to 100 rows of data

  • Point 100 is roughly east (as near as I can tell)
  • Point 75 is roughly north

4. Drop the points NOT in the direction I'm looking for. In my example I now have 26 rows of data

5. Generate Lines to the original tower point to each point

6. Generate poly from the resulting data. 


I'm then able to pass that poly into to various tools to get demographics / zips / etc. 


What I'd like to be able to do is have more control over the exact arc of the wedge, the direction, size, etc. My way works, but there seems like there should a cleaner way.



I've attached an image and sample workflow that shows the steps above.  


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

A while back we had an internal exercise that asked us to do something similar to what I believe you are looking for.

I've attached my solution (as I recall, there were a few different solutions within our team :smileyhappy:, so this isn't necessarily the "right" solution).

This might give you some ideas on other ways to approach.




Thanks for the quick response. Your method is pretty similar to what I came up with. Yours has the extra steps that point the arc in the correct direction. Cool. I didn't have that data, so I just worked on the one wedge. Either way, this  method seems to do what I will need when this project starts. 






This is great!  I needed this exact tool for the exact same reason as the workflow was created.  Thanks!


HI Thanks for sharing the workflow.


This is really great sample and what i'm looking for. but i saw something odd if the direction pointed to "0" or close to "0"  then the result is wrong or not complete wedges. 

Could you please help to look into it.

sample as seen below





I have the same issue as the person above. If the Direction of the wedge is "0" then it is giving a very weird output..  I tried to change 0 to 360 and still getting a weird output. Can you guys help pls?