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Create an iterative macro




I am currently working on scraping data from a server. I have created a workflow which performs some manipulation to the data retrieved from the API calls. Now I am trying to figure out how to turn this into an iterative macro. I do not have any condition to be met- just run this workflow for every row of the input data. 

What will be the possible configurations when converting this? Is it as simple as changing the workflow from standard to Iterative macro or something else goes in too? 

Or do I have to use a batch macro?


I am fairly new to macros- I never created an Excel macro or even used one. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


It sounds like you just need a standard macro.  A copy of your workflow would make it easier to verify. When moving from a Workflow to a Macro, you can right click your inputs and outputs and convert them to Macro inputs/outputs.  This makes it pretty easy to change things over.  Then the interface tools can be connected to anything you would like your user to be able to adjust (if that's necessary). 


The examples under Sample Workflows>Use Scripting and Automation Tools>Build a Macro are pretty helpful.


After all, what I needed is a Standard macro, it worked fine.


Thank you.