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Create a new column from drop down input

I'd like to create a new column in my data that contains a month string based on user input from a drop down. My data is a fairly simple Excel file with 3 columns (id, unit and counts). This data is run monthly and I need to add the month (in the form Jan, Feb, Mar....) in a column each time this data is run.

I thought it would be easy to use a dropdown tool to list the months, have the user choose the appropriate month and then have this month column appended to the data. But, I consistently get an error or "No Output Files". I've tried many variations on strings. I've tried using numbers and converting to months. I'd appreciate any help.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @laneytrax ,


I've attached a workflow which uses a date picker to select the date on which you're running it, that will then place the month in a column.

Remember to set your browse in the "Interface Designer" window to show the results.


Hope this helps.




(For some reason I can't upload apps, so it's uploaded as a workflow)

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed.

Alteryx Certified Partner

You're very welcome, glad I could help.