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Create a blank when a file doesn't exist


I am trying to gather data from a timed job. There are 5 machines that can spit data out. The bit that Alteryx doesn't seem to like is when one of the machines does not have a file to output. At that point the whole thing comes to a halt and fails. Is there a way to have Alteryx use the file produced if there is one or a dummy file if there isn't? Another option would be for Alteryx to check for the file and skip it if there isn't one. 

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I may be misunderstanding this but I would use the directory tool to identify the files, potentially have a dummy in the locations if needed, then use a dynamic input to read the files as required.


hope that helps


Very good answer and I think it will be the right one. I am unsure how exactly to use it. I have played around a bit but am not quite there yet. 


I found a Youtube video that explained it. Than you! That is exactly the answer I needed!

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Great stuff. I always forget about the directory tool.  :)