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Create Seperate excel extract for 60 diffarent Users Please

6 - Meteoroid

I have a SQL Server Query which is taking values from Customer Name and Date input and providing a specific report for a specific customer.


Now i have 60 customers in place, instead of running the workflow 60 times, i want to create a automation workflow where automatically the workflow will run for 60 customers one by one and it will send the output file to the specific customer folder in one go. 


Can you please help urgently?

7 - Meteor

I do not know your format, however at the bottom of the output tool you are able to take part of the filename from a field. With this you can have a whole path from a field in your data to replace the file path you have in your output. Or just the filename and you would be able to have the name of your client in the output



You may need to leverage a formula tool before hand to get it into the format you want. With an example I can help create a workflow for you to help you visualize it.

5 - Atom

Do you have Automation? You could input a list of users into a batch macro. Inside the macro it could update the sql query and push it to a file based on the user. If you have example data I can also create a workflow!

16 - Nebula

I know you mention outputting to different, specific folders. However, if different sheets or files would satisfy the request then I recently built a macro that will automate the process for you, you just need to download it and insert it into your workflow before configuring it as to your request: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Public-Community-Gallery/Output-to-multiple-Excel-files-or-sheets/t...

6 - Meteoroid

Let me make it more understandable for you guys, Suppose i have a query which gives the output like this 

Customer name Invoice Amount

A                          10

B                          20

C                          30


Now I want to create 3 files from this one for customer A . one for Customer B and one For Customer C. . 

For Customer A . file name would be A_invoice.xlsx and content of the file would be


A    10


For Customer  B file Name would be B_invoice.xlsx and content of the file would be 


B 10


etc. Hope this helps.

7 - Meteor

Would something like this work?

7 - Meteor

Did something like my above workflow end up working or did you find another solution? If you would not mind marking the appropriate post as the solution for others to see that would be great.