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Create Schema in Pre Ceate SQL Statement don´t work

I tried to create a new Schema with Pre SQL with the following statements, which work fine in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio but now in Alteryx:

  • CREATE SCHEMA Sales AUTHORIZATION [dbo]  -> No error message, but also no new Schema. 
  • CREATE SCHEMA Sales -> No error message and also no new Schema. 


I have no problem to create a new DB-table with an existing schema. But this is not what I need. I appreciate any suggestions. 




Hi @CaptainJaneway


Based on the screenshot, you are trying to create a Schema while appending to an existing database. If you change the Output option to "Create" do you have the same issue? Do you have the permissions for the database to create a schema?



I choosed an existing database and database-table. One step before the Output Tool I use the "Select Records"-Tool with 0 rows. It´s not my intention to put new data in the database-table. I just want create a new schema and as far as I can see, the pre or post sql statement is maybe the only way to do so. I have all permissions on the database.  


Thank you. It´s a solution. Meanwhile I have created a stored procedure, which I can execute in Alteryx. Works also fine.