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Create Multi Header Field

Alteryx Partner

I am looking to parse my header by the underscore _ into multi headers (e.g., Name1_A_1 would become Name1 and I would then have either two new records under as A and 1 or two separate header fields if possible.  I created a new field as I could not see a way to have multi headers in the Crosstab tool :(


Happy with just being pointed in the right direction.


Thank you.




Alteryx Partner

Could you provide a small example of your desired output? I feel like I understand the headers you want, I'm just not sure what data you would like under each of them.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've managed to get close to the desired output but one of the problems you will face is that you can't have repeated headers in Alteryx, i.e. Name 1 repeated three times as the header row.


Here's where I got too.



Alteryx Partner

Thank you. .


Converting the Output to csv, alleviates the need to convert the fields to double, which would cause the headers that are not numeric to blank.