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Create Compiled Tableau Workbook via Alteryx


Most of our employees do not have Alteryx. Only a few developers do. Most of our employees do not have Tableau Desktop.


I want to prep however their Excel data against a standardized format, through Alteryx, into a Tableau compiled workbook for internal/external review.


We can get to the step of emitting the .tde/.hyper toward which I can point a .twb of my own development so the data are updated with any new update to the data source performed by Alteryx... the step I am missing is automating:

Open the .twb in Tableau, save as a compiled workbook, a .twbx... all of the rest is proven.


I need to understand (this week if possible) the possibilities and general workflow of Alteryx data prep to Tableau Viz: 1. Can I automate the creation of a compiled Tableau workbook (TWBX, not just a TWB) using JUST Alteryx and Tableau 2. How would the user experience be if we acquire Tableau Server in addition to Alteryx Server (we are on the road to doing the latter) --  particularly, can we generate a custom URL for any given client so it is their data within 1 viz template for all clients 3. We are trying to eliminate any need for our clients AND OUR employees to have "anything except a reader or a web browser" and still create custom data sets, visualized under a unified experience, a Tableau template. 4. Is export to .hyper/.tde my ONLY option 5. Can I leverage command line tool to perform the "open", "save as" operations?




Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@Shen-Tat ,



As of right now Alteryx will only update TDE files for Tableau either with an output or the Tableau Server Tool. From there it is up to Tableau to execute the visuals from there. You may be able to use a command line operation using the Run Command tool or the Event - Run Command in the workflow to execute, but that action would be a Tableau question.






I saw that you mentioned "reader" here and I'm guessing that is a reference to Tableau Reader. As someone who has looked into various combinations of Tableau & Alteryx+Tableau automation before, I think it's important to share that using Tableau Reader to open Tableau workbooks that were automatically generated is expressly prohibited by the Tableau End User License Agreement (EULA): (and has been for several years now).






Thank you for pointing this out in the EULA. I was unaware of it. We will pursue another solution.