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Create A Letter on Word With Attachments


I am looking to create a letter/contract that has various different boilerplate language depending on the type of agreement. For example if we are performing X type of work we want the paragraph pertaining to that type of work. I also want it to be able to fill in the name, date, and any other unique aspects of the letter/contract, basically a find and replace similar to a mail merger feature on Word. I am pretty new to Alteryx and am trying to brainstorm the best method to this. 


Hello @Brandonzayid,


It sounds like what you are looking to do is build an app that takes in certain parameters and would fill in a template you have built. It could be pretty simple in nature and not require too much prep work to execute. Can you give a bit more detail ont he process and what you are trying to accomplish with the final result?


Hi @cplewis90 so I am trying to create a letter that goes out to clients. Most of the text is boilerplate information but there are some areas in the text that need to be "searched and replaced" in a sense (i.e. date of engagement, company name, address). Where it kind of gets tricky is, depending on the type of work, there are different boilerplate bodies of text that can be inputted into the letter. I guess the process would be something like this 

I fill out a basic template asking for: 

Company name, address. 

Company contact person name, title 

type of work done

any issues had during the engagement (this would be unique to every job so this would be typed in by whoever is filling out the template and there could be any amount or none at all) 

whoever the signer of the letter is and their staff level from our company. 


Then I would like that template to run through alteryx and based on "type of work" pulls the appropriate paragraphs or template and autofills in the necessary data. 


Also, I would like it to read through a document listing on excel and create either a word document or a pdf attachment in a certain format that is attached to the letter. 


Thanks for the additional information! This definitely seems like an Alteryx app. You could store paragraph templates in an Alteryx database, with a second column being the job type. The fields to be replaced can be inserted into the document fairly easily using the find replace tool. You can use the inputs to update a text input tool and then do some filtering etc. The final output could be rendered to a PDF. 


I have attached a sample workflow you can test and potentially adjust to meet your needs.


Thank you so much for that! I have a quick question though, attached is my workflow, why does it keep saying "No Output File". I am unable to view the final product. 


@Brandonzayid the issue is in the Report Text tool. There is nothing there for the tool to render (i.e. no file produced). If you configure that tool to look like the below picture you should have success creating the file. If that does not work let me know and we can look into it further.

Letter message.PNG


That also did not work. Once I run the app and press "finish" it keeps saying No Output Found. I have tried saving it everywhere on my desktop but no luck 



I have noticed a few things. I am making some modifications that I think will be beneficial and keep the formatting. Please give me some time to make the changes, but I should have something to you by tomorrow.


Hello @Brandonzayid,


Try this workflow and see if it works. I made some modifications so that the formatting of the text will stay in place. This should make it easier. I did a few formulas to adjust the return type and also the form so you may want to test it a bit, but it should work now.


Thank you so much for that! Unfortunately it wont allow me to open the file because it says it was made on an earlier version of Alteryx. What do it do to fix that?