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Coversheet Dissapearing in Excel Output


I have several workflows that output to specific tabs in excel files, and do not modify the "coversheet" tab. These workflows are all configured the same, but one of them deletes the coversheet every time I try to run it in the Gallery. Has anyone experienced this?


I have stripped the workflow down to a text input and the output, and it is still having the problem with this workflow. So, i'm wondering if there's something going on with this specific coversheet. See the next reply for an attached zip with the analytic app and template file.


See attached for the analytic app and the excel template.


Hi Chris,


Did you include the output file as a workflow asset when you published the workflow? @KyleB was able to get it to work when he published to gallery and suggested this might be the issue. But I know when we spoke last, you said that you are successful in other workflows, so I'm thinking you probably didn't change anything when publishing this workflow. Chris, let me know if that helps or not.




Still no luck. I believe I include it as an asset - is this what you are referring to?