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Count of Tools used/Data processed in each tool


Hello All,


I am trying to track (for audit purposes) the tools used in my workflow as well as the data processed through each one. Is it possible to track this as well as output this to a file?


I understand whenever you run a workflow, the "last Run" in the results window lists a record count per tool i.e., Filter (43) 100 records were True and 1 Record is False


Is there a way to output this to a file? Please let me know, thanks!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

If you want the contents of the Results pane, one option is to email it to yourself using an event.


In the Workflow Configuration panel, go to Events and Add a Send Email event.


Be sure to set Run Event When to something other than Disabled...After Run is a good option.


Fill in the rest of the information and run your workflow. You should then get an email from yourself with the contents of the Results pane.


There is a macro in the help page of Designer that achieves this functionality. 


Go to help > Sample Workflows > Use Scripting and Automation Tools > Build a Macro > Identify tools and macros used in a workflow 

Alteryx Partner

Hi @Austin_Riggs as well as/instead of emailing yourself, you can save the logs that a workflow produces too. In your User Settings simply choose where you want these files to be saved:



The logs look are .txt files that look like this: