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Count days from dates

7 - Meteor

I have:


[A]: 05/08/2023

[B]: 05/08/2022


and I want to output the number of days when subtracting [A] - [B], in this case 365. How do I achieve this?

16 - Nebula

Hey @rafatomillero, you can leverage the DateTimeDiff() function for this case. However, beforehand, you need your dates to be in a format that Alteryx can understand (YYYY-MM-DD), hence why you have to wrap each in the DateTimeParse() function. I've guessed that your current format is dd/mm/yyyy, but if it's mm/dd/yyyy, all you need to do is swap the %d and %m around.



13 - Pulsar



Find attached the way of doing this.


Let me know if there is any issue and do not hesitate to mark this answer as solution if it helped.




16 - Nebula

Hey @rafatomillero,

First thing to do is convert your text date to the Alteryx date format as currently your date is ambiguous it could be a US or UK date for instance. To do this I used the date time parse formula. Then your have two options:


Option one is to pivot your data onto one line using the Cross Tab Tool. This allows you to just use a normal row level formula:


Option two is to use a multi row formula to do calculations across multiple rows:


Here are some useful links for these topics:

Multi Row Formula Tool

Date Functions:


Any questions or issues please ask

Ira Watt
Technical Consultant 







7 - Meteor

Very helpful, thank @DataNath !