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Core Certification

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Hi All - I have been studying for the core certification as best as I could and just took my test and and scored in the low 70’s. I’ve been spending time doing the interactive lessons and tool mastery and as you could understand I feel very disappointed. I really thought I had it. Are there any tips that anyone would recommend? I have the list of areas for development which I plan to focus on while I wait to take my test again but any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, Richard!

I passed Core exam on Thursday. But it was my fifth attempt: 75%, 76%, 76%, 72% (my boss got an urgent task I finished without 15 questions) and finaly got 84%  in 1 hour 20 minutes.

80*80% = 64. You have right only for 16 mistakes. You should go fast (1 minute per question, even easy one) + spare additional time to validate your answers in workflow.

I read no tutorial, just practice. Hints:

1. Studied all tool in practice - just go small emapmle for each tool. "Tested every feature - what does this button in tool stands for? What if I change it?".

2. And saved all examples as Exam_preparation workflow. And used it at exam to test easily all questions. All tools at the ends of my fingers. No need to look in work files, no need to create examples.

3. Weekly Challenges - I've solved more than 53 easiest challenges (up to 10 beginner challenges a day). It do help in understanding Alteryx and in solving exam fast and efficient.


And you study for yourself - pay more attention to weekly challenges. It will sharp your solutions in real life. I come 3 monthes ago, and coworkers that is one yeaк with Alteryx ask me which tool to use.

Level 2 is harder - I looked profiles of community megastars - it took them at least 3 monthes between level 1 and level 2. And I believe they tried every week.

Have a good luck on your exam.


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15 - Aurora

Hi @kingrichard14 I would not be disheartened by your score it's impressive and shows you are gaining a mastery of Alteryx and are nearly there in terms of passing the certification. My honest advance is take the full two hours for the certification reread the questions to fully understand the question. I got caught out a times by assuming I knew the question by seeing the answers of the multiple choice. The exam is open book so any questions you are unsure off then check.


It's great you have done the interactive lessons have you tried doing some of the Alteryx weekly challenges? I'm sure some the challenges could tackle some of the areas that were flagged for development. Keep going you will pass soon!


Check out this previous post:


Also check out our videos here on Community for example:


Depending on where you're based, some user groups hold sessions with regard to our cert prep.

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@JosephSerpis , Congrats! How to get Alteryx Certified Partner?

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Consider each attempt as a practice run - treat it as if it's a study guide, not a test.


Always answer the high-value (3 pt) questions first.


Make a note of any questions you're not 100% sure about. Then, after the test, find the answers to these questions and keep them handy. That way, you're guaranteed to get those questions right on the next attempt.


Keep the Tool Mastery Index open in a browser window, and refer to it frequently.


Alteryx is super fast, so you often have time to try out the problem in Alteryx. I made a text input with the text from the question and attached a formula and browse tool so that I could quickly try different solutions.

@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide
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15 - Aurora

Hi @klyuka Partner Certification is another certification open to partner organisations. It's not available to Alteryx customer it just showcases that as a partner you meet a certain level of criteria in regards to Alteryx.  

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How much experience did you have with Alteryx before you tried the core exam?