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Copy columns from file 1 to file 2

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I am just starting with Alteryx and would like to ask your help. 


I have two files, one of which is updated every week. 

File 1. It contains different projects and one of columns "Field 4" contains information to which department project belongs to. 


File 2. File 2 is template which I need to do for each function (Sourcing, Engineering and Sales etc.) with project information. File has several sheets one sheet "data" contains data about projects (see below picture) and other sheets visualize this project information with timeline and etc. 






Each week I need to update information about projects on one sheet in File 2 starting from column C. Column C, D, E and F (highlighted in yellow) should contain the same data as in File 1 (Fields 1,2,3 and 4). 


Column headers in File 1 and File 2 are different, but the order of column is the same. I need to produce several files 2 depending on function. One is for Sourcing, another is for Engineering and so on. Column 1 and Column 2 in File 2 should be left empty as they contain some formatting rules. When project information copied, column 1 and column 2 will be automatically filled in.

So I need to just copy the same project information from File 1 to File 2 and create separate files for each function. File 2 has several sheets, only one contains project information. Example of sheet with project information is below.  




How can I create a separate file for each function and include project information in file 2 which is copied from file 1 where all project information for all function is? 


Thank you for help! 


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That should be fairly simple, can you provide some sample files and what version of Alteryx are you using ?

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I have a similar requirement - Copy column values from file 1 to blank column values of file2. Any simple way to do it

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Anastasiia,


You could use the checkbox for "take file name / table name as field" at the bottom of the output tool, select "change file / table name" from the dropdown and select Field4, keeping "keep field in output" checked.




As long as your outputting an excel file this should write out each group of Field4 categories into a separate tab.




If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know I've attached my workflow for you to download if needed.