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Copy Paste Cell Madness

Alteryx Partner

I know it has been said before and the reasons are valid on both side.


Are we able to quantify who actually uses extra information give when you copy a renamed cell in a select tool.


999/1000 times I copy a renamed field I simply want the text I renamed it to. Not all the extra details giving rise to an unformatted string of, at the time, useless extras.


You all know what I am talking about but and example would be if I renamed a field originally named "Tile_SequenceNum" to "Tile2". When I go back into the tool later and try to copy the renamed text I get the following copied to the clipboard.


Even though I have only select the text within the rename cell. 


This is great information to have but make it a shortcut or something. I would much rather need to press some sort modifier when I copy to get those details rather than it then trying to paste that back into a cell I am working on. 


End rant. 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @The_Data_Loop 


I feel your pain. Have you considered posting this in the Ideas section?

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Btw if anyone wants to start an Alteryx Community band we could do worse than "Copy Paste Cell Madness" for a band name..

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Is there a mod out there watching this that can kindly move this thread over to the ideas section?