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Converting txt to Excel

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I have a folder of .txt files that I want to convert, in bulk, to a folder of excel files. I am having trouble getting my multiple file macro and .txt files to work. How would I perform the conversion to all files in the folder?

Do these all have the same schema? You could use an input data tool with a wildcard and include the file name as a field with the settings to set the tables up based on the delimiter specified. Use a formula tool to replace the txt with xlsx|||Sheet1, and then you can use an output data tool where you take file name from field.

@Inactive User You can use the directory tool with the dynamic input tool to bring in the text files. This only works if they have the same schema, if the schema change I can share how to do that as well. 


The key is to bring in the files as a .csv with no delimiter (\0) and then use the text to columns tools to parse it out if needed. Does this help?

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Hi, Digan. I often need to batch convert multiple txt files to excel where the files do not have the same schema. Would you please share how to do this?


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