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Converting text to usable date format?


Hi all,


Hopefully a pretty easy solution is available for my newbie self - I have some timestamps that came in this format:

Fri Aug 03 2018 00:11:21 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)


This isn't registering well in tableau, and I need to be able to segment out the Date, the Time, and the day of week (which I think can be done via the datetimeformat formula, just can't get to that step)


I'm on Alteryx 11.0. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Here is the sample workflow for your case. Hope this is helpful. There are many ways one can achieve this result.  If you are stuck anywhere, just share the sample data of different combination of timestamp you have. will help you with the workflow. 



workflow.PNGWorkflowResults.PNGResultsDatetimetool to convert string to date.PNGDate and Time tool to convert string to dateDate time tool to convert and date time to day.PNGDate and time tool to covert date time to day


Hi ponraj thanks for the speedy response - I'm on Alteryx 11.0 and can't open the workflow attached, any chance you can re-upload? Thank you!!




Another solution would be to use RegEx to parse your time stamp, this one should do the work 




and then you can use either regular formulas to get the data as you want.