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Converting text to number (from European to American decimal system)

8 - Asteroid

I have a data set with a character field which has basically numbers in European decimal convention (E.g. "2.567,834", "88.212,091"). I need to convert this field to numeric and also change the decimal convention to the American format (E.g. 2567.834, 88212.091). 


Is there a way to do it in Alteryx?

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Hi @GaRaGe, you'll need to use the Replace function in the formula tool to replace '.' with nothing and then commas with a decimal point:




Then you can add a select after and change to a numerical datatype.



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Hi GaRaGe,


A quick and dirty way of doing it would be in a Formula tool, just update the [Number] field as such: ReplaceChar(ReplaceChar([Number],".",""),",",".")

This will result in a string, if you need it to be a number in your local settings just add ToNumber() to the whole string. (mine is European so that would just revert back to original string)


Hope this helps