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Converting production run durations to by-day schedule

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Hello Alteryx community,


I have some data describing the length of production runs on a production line.  So one column specifies the line, the second column specifies the completion date of the production run, and the third column specifies the length in days of the production run.


I need to convert this into a by-day schedule of when the line was run.  So one column would specify the line just like before, but the second column would specify a single day, and the third column would specify the proportion of the day that the line was run (i.e., maximum = 1).


I've attached an xls illustrating the data I have to start with and what I'd like to end with.  I feel like the Generate Rows tool should work but I can't get it to work quite right.


Thank you for reading and for any help you can provide.

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Hi @scottconstance 


Do you need those extra dates ? 4/13 and 4/14. 


If you do not need, then please find the attached workflow.  But if you need them, I was wondering why not other dates of April,2021? 




Please note, I used few extra steps for easier understanding, some of these steps can be omitted.


Best Regards


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Just in case you need those empty days/


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Thank you very much, Qiu, it is cool how you did the join to add in the sequential days not covered by production runs.  Much appreciated!

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Thank you very much for the workflow and for being thoughtful about whether I needed the extra unused days.  I don't need them but it is nice that you thought of it!


I had not known about the FLOOR function and I'm glad I do now!  Thanks again and take care.


Best regards,


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Thank you for the accept also.

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Glad I could help. 

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Hi @arundhuti726 ,


I have a similar requirement with the difference that I want to convert not only into days but also into hours (clock 0 to 23), because my production duration is in hours. In attachmtnt are my raw data.

Duration 1/04:10:00 means 1 day, 4 housr and 10 min.

Can you hellp me with this?


Order NumberStar DateStart timeDuration

Result should be like that:

Order NumberStar DateStart timeDurationClockDuration_1


Best regards,