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Converting into danish letters




I am new to Alteryx and I have a question regarding converting a csv file into danish letters. 

I had Alteryx installed through a Microsoft Virtual Machine, but when that expired, I had to re-install Alteryx on a WIndows computer and activate my license-key. 

On the previous Alteryx I had no problem by using the input data tool to set the code page to Unicode UFT-8 and it worked perfectly fine with converting missing letters into the danish letters (æ,ø,å). Now I have trouble converting the same file. 

I am using the input tool, do all the settings, including chosing code page to be Unicode UFT-8 and when using the output data tool and then also here set the code page to be Unicode UFT-8. However, the places where it should had replaced the missing letters with danish letters, it shows an icon on a black circle containing a white question mark. 


Any suggestions in how to solve the problem or why it does that? 

Thank you so much in advance.