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Converting Time from 1200p to 12PM

Alteryx Partner

Hi there


I am somewhat new and would like some help in converting a date which is coming through as a string, for example, 1200p to a time format of HH:MM AM/PM. I have been able to convert to hh:mm using the DateTime tool but not able to pick up the AM/PM part of the string.


For clarification 8AM, for example, would come in as 0800a


Any help is appreciated.





Alteryx Certified Partner

How about just using string functions? Try out this formula where [Time] is the input (like "0800a"):


IF Right([Time],1)='p' THEN trimleft(Left([Time],2)+"PM",'0')
ELSE trimleft(Left([Time],2)+"AM",'0') ENDIF