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Converting Strings to Numbers Error


I need some help, thoughts, and solutions to a problem I am having converting a string format to a number.  In short, I am getting conversion errors and once the string is converted to number, it is being truncated--for example 1,517 string converts to 1.  I am using the Multi-formula tool with the conversion ToNumber formula.  I have tried using double, float, and int64 but the same results appear to keep happening.  The data is in a csv file (hence the string).  I have tried to cleanse the data but this result keeps happening.


I have also tried converting into a new column as well, but the conversion error or truncation keeps occurring. So any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Get rid of those pesky commas! That should help.


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Hi @dshaw ,

Replace ','   to  nothing  i.e  ''  and then  use tonumber. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I suggest using RegEx to remove any characters that will cause problems for the numeric conversion (like ','). This can be achieved with the following expression in a Formula tool where "input" is the field. 




The REGEX_Replace function here will replace anything that is not a digit, negative sign, or period with nothing, effectively removing it before the field is converted to a numeric type. 

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@CharlieS You can remove a few characters from your expression to the same effect.