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Converting Excel Type


I currently have a lot of excel files that I am importing into excel as binary (xlsb). I would like to convert them to excel XLXS format in the Alteryx workflow. Is that even possible instead of converting them in the workflow instead of out the workflow.


You can use Input Data tool in Alteryx to read a xlsb file in and Output Data tool to write it into xlsx. So the answer is yes.

Hi, Good wishes.  Can you help me in getting a sample with screenshots so that I have a better understanding and implement in my process?


Currently, I am using 2018.3


Thanks in advance. 




In order to read in xlsb file into Alteryx, you will need the 2010 Access driver which can be downloaded here




Once installed, you can bring the file in using the Input Data tool and write it as XLSX using the Output Data Tool (example attached)







Hi @chughes49 


If you're working with the data in Alteryx, there is no need to convert it from an xlsb to an xlsx. If Alteryx can read it, it can work with it.


As long as your data can fit in an xlsx file, you can use the Output data tool to save it out with a different format than you read it in with, or a Table and Render tool if you need to apply different formatting.


Let me know if that helps.