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Convert string date with three letter month to proper date format

Alteryx Partner



I have a data set with state and end subscription dates that are stored as text. I am trying to convert the text to proper date format.


The issue is that the day of the month dates aren't always two digits. For example, I have both


Jun  3 2016 01:06:10:900PM




Apr 29 2016 08:23:35:490AM


I would like to eliminate the time stamp altogether and convert just the date to a proper YYYY-MM-DD format.


I have been playing around with this for a little while and need some help! Original file attached. Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner



The expression below should work on version 11+ as they updated their date parser to allow months and day numbers with or without the leading zero.

DATETIMEPARSE([Subscription End],'%b %d %Y')

If you're running an older version, you will need to correct the single digits and add their leading zero.

Alteryx Partner

Thank you!