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Convert date to just number of the month

5 - Atom

Hi all, 


I have column with "date" date type field and the values there are for instance "DEC-20", "NOV-20". 


I would like to change this column to the number of the month, e.g. "12", "11", ... . 


Anyone has a simple solution to do so? 


Alternatively, it it's easier to convert to the month number from the string, please say so. In my workflow I currently converted the string already to a date field. So both options are fine for me.

Really appreciate your help and many thanks in advance. 

Have a nice day,



14 - Magnetar

Hi @ChristophVW ,


You can try using the DatetimeMonth() function which will return you the numeric value for a month in a date field.


So if your date field is called [Order Date] then the formula you should use is:



Tostring(Datetimemonth([Order Date]))



Hope that helps,



12 - Quasar

Hello @ChristophVW ,


Have a look at the attached. Hopefully it will give you an idea.

5 - Atom

Thank you very much @AngelosPachis ! Works like a charm.


Only did a very minor tweak from 'Tostring' to 'Tonumber' in my case, but visually the same.

14 - Magnetar

Thanks @ChristophVW ,


Try removing the 'Tonumber' part of the expression and see if it works without it. What the DateTimeMonth function returns to you is already a numeric value, so probably you can remove that part of the expression to make it less complicated.