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Convert data within column to make multiple columns and convert data within column to rows

Hi everyone,


I have attached an example of what I am trying to achieve with my data set. I want to take the data within a column and make them all into columns, and I also want to make the data within another column, rows.


Any help would be much appreciated!

Alteryx Certified Partner

A Record ID and Cross Tab tool can take care of that for you. Check out the attached solution and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, that worked great, but I have a problem. The data I want to make columns, contain duplicates. I want to get rid of the duplicates and only display the value once in the column. I used a summarize tool and grouped Manufacturer, but it only displays that column so I can't connect it to the crosstab tool. Do you know how I could have it so the manufacturer grouped by column stays along with the name column so I can use the crosstab tool?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Use a Unique tool that has the "Manufacturer" field checked. It will return all columns of data, but only records that have unique values for Manufacturer.

Yes that worked. Thanks. However, I am noticing that my columns are duplicated. So for example: I will have column abc and then First_abc and then def and First_def. Do you know why that is and how to get rid of those columns

Never mind. I had it on concatenate. Thanks for your help!!

Hey, I just found another problem. Because I got rid of the duplicate columns using the unique tool, it only shows one value under each column. A lot of these columns have duplicate names. For example: manufacturer 123 has abc as name but it also has fbp and qct. How do I make it so that all of these names show up under the column 123 because right now the only name under that column is abc.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Try updating your unique tool to check both Manufacturer and Name.


Thank you! Really appreciate you taking the time to help me!