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Convert a string with a negative number with the following pattern: - $3.33


I have string with a negative dollar amount that appears in the following format: - $3.33.


How can I change this to a negative number? I am having difficulty with the two solutions posted. They do not catch the negative amounts: 


Example 1

Formula Tool -  ToNumber(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace([Data], '$', ''), ',' , ''), ')' , ''), '(' , '-'))


Example 2

Formula Tool - ToNumber(REGEX_Replace(REGEX_Replace([Data], "\$|,|\)", ""), "\(", "-"))


In both cases, the number returned is 0


You can use a replace formula to remove the dollar sign. Then, use a data cleansing tool to remove all whitespace in the field. Finally, use a select tool to set the data type to the number format you want. 



Negative Number Solution.PNG