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Convert a .DWG or .DWF files to a .SHP file


hello all,


Does any one know if there is a way to convert the Autocad .DWG or .DWF files to .SHP files to be able to perform Spatial Analysis on the data?


I appreciate everyone's help




I have had great results with GDAL tools. For vector data, check out ogr2ogr. Command line tool and your can fire them off with Run Command tool. 

Also.... with 2018.3 and python support (finally!!) our imagination is the limit. If I had time I would check out the Python GDAL/OGR Cookbook:

Now you're cooking with gas! (or petrol if you're in the UK)




There is a tool OGR2OGR that is also an option, though you would need to convert the DWG to a DXF first.  The problem you may run into is actually geolocation of the .DWG /.DWF, they may not contain a location on earth or the location may be in a custom coordinate system that would not map to an Alteryx mapable coordinate system like WGS83, NAD27, NAD83...