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Convert WGS84 to other coordinate systems

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello Community,


We are actually trying to use Alteryx to convert WGS84 into other coordinate systems.


Basically we want to use an Excel Input File with WGS84 coordinates and transform those coordinates into different spatial projection systems :


- Lambert 93 for France

- Gauß-Kruger for Germany


Did somebody run into the same problem ? Would you be able to provide a hint to put us on the right track ?


Best Regards,


Krialys Team

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

It is possible to convert the project of a spatial point by using the spatial info tool.


Here you have the ability to 'Centroid as X and Y fields', but at the bottom you can change the projection.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks a lot, it is exactly what we were looking for.