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Convert String to Date but not DateTime




I have the following string I need to convert to a date:


2017 / 7


When I use the DateTime Parse tool it gives me the right date but not in the format I'm looking for. I want dd-mm-yyy not yyy-mm-dd. The reason for this is when I publish the workflow directly to Power BI it adds in the Time which I don't want.


Can someone help me convert 2017 / 7 to 01-07-2017?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Actually, you want: 2017-07-01 (I think)

2017 / 7

DateTimeFormat(DateTimeParse([date]+"-01","%Y / %m-%d"),"%d-%m-%Y")

That should work, but it's a string and not a date.


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Hi @MarqueeCrew,


That's not quite the date format I'm looking for. I want the day at the start and year at the end - DD-MM-YYYY - not the other way around.


Any thoughts on what to try next?


Change the specifiers for the DateTimeFormat function


See this page:



hi @mholland


In Alteryx all dates are represented as 10 character strings always in the following format yyyy-mm-dd.  If you change the order within the workflow, it's no longer seen as a date, but as a string, so you can't perform the normal date operations on it. 


If you analyse @MarqueeCrew's code you'll see that 


DateTimeFormat(DateTimeParse([date]+"-01","%Y / %m-%d"),"%d-%m-%Y")

the part in red takes your input, "2017 / 7" and converts it to a date.  The outer function in Blue takes this date and returns a string in the dd-mm-yyyy format, "01-07-2017" which is what you need for your output. 


If you need to perform date operations before your output, then break this up into 2 controls. First a DateTimeParse tool to convert it to an Alteryx format.  Then perform your operations on the new date.  Just before output add a Formula tool that creates a new field with the formula




Output the new field, which will be in dd-mm-yyyy to PowerBI 







I think the problem may be with Power BI now. It's automatically adding a time of "12:00:00 AM" to the end of my field. I'll try the Power BI Community for an answer.

Thanks for your help.