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Convert Separate Year, Month, Day Fields into YYYY:MM:DD format for In-DB


Hi all,


I am looking to convert separate Year, Month, and Day fields into a YYYY:MM:DD format In-DB.  


I'm looking to gather data for the most recent 3 months of a specific dataset as of today.  Converting to the above date format would help set the proper parameters.


I look forward to your thoughts and advice on how to do this as I am still getting up to speed on Alteryx.

Alteryx Partner

I would use a Formula in-DB tool to create a new field with Date datatype.


The SQL expression would depend on your exact database, but it should be possible :)


Thanks, @cmcclellan.  That was my initial thought on creating a separate Date field using the formula, but wasn't sure.


I don't know how to write the SQL expression for my dataset so that is where I am getting stuck.

Alteryx Partner

What database are you using ?  That would determine the syntax that needs to be used.