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Convert PDF file to TXT




I use the PDF Parser at to convert PDF files to text files. Most of the time it works really well.


However, it doesn't do such a good job on one particular file that I receive every month. It contains 4 pages with 6 tables on each page that each use values from the same fields for rows/columns & amounts.


I think (not 100% sure) the file is generated by Cognos/TM1. The doctotext converter works as per normal, but it is impossible to use normal Alteryx tools (I mostly use REG_EX / Multi-Row formula / filter) to extract the data within. The rows/columns labels & amounts are spread all over the place and there are no repeated patterns to work with.  


I can export the PDF to XLSX using the converter within Adobe Reader (I have paid to have Adobe Export PDF), but I am unaware of how to make that happen within Alteryx and I am trying to avoid the manual process step of doing something outside Alteryx


I have asked many times for the file to be sent as XLSX or CSV and eventually gave up


Do you have any ideas?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @mb1824 


I used this great guide the other day by....


It worked perfectly




Thanks, I will try that out



Did you find any solution for this? I am new to Alteryx and having same difficulty.



I haven't got back to this to try the suggestion from @LordNeilLord


@mb1824 There are some tools on the gallery that you can use to parse pdfs.!app/PDF-Input--Text-and-Image-/5be5ec8d0462d71ffce6deaa!app/PDF-Input/5b685aff0462d710907f7a3b


Give them a try

Digan Parikh
Sales Engineer