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Convert MSSQL Money Field to Int in Alterys



The field I am getting from the Data Warehouse is ‘FactPerformance.NetMTDMonthlyADBAmt’ and is a data type ‘Money’ in MSSQL. Alteryx reads it as ‘V_String’ so I convert it to an Int64 after I stream the data out to the select statement in the first stream.  I then summarize and sort the data and the output is spot on.  This process takes almost 30 seconds and it works.


I want to speed up the process and do the work in-DB.  I read the data in the second string and convert ‘NetMTDMonthlyADBAmt’ to an INT. I received the error when I tried to summarize the field and browse. The second stream takes a couple seconds.


How do I get around this error and speed up my workflow using IN-DB tools?


<see the attachment for screen shots>


Hey the error you are getting is a database error noting you that your resulting output (the sum of your columns) is too big for the type INT.


The int type has a limit and i believe the limit is 4 bytes, or 2,147,483,647...


instead of converting it to int convert it to BIGINT.  This should fix your error and your workflow should work :-)


Try this first and let me know if speed is still a problem (it honestly shouldn't be)